HOW EQUIPMENT VINE WORKS was set up to service the needs of the consumer and the interest of the lender. Here’s how it works. You fill out an application and we send notification to several lenders in the equipment vertical you are looking for: Medical, Construction, Waste & Recycling, Transportation, Cash Advances. The lenders are then logged into our bidding process and will bid on your business. Equipment vine recognizes the top 3 bids. The winning bidder is sent your full application immediately, the second bidder will be sent your information 48 hours after that and finally the third bidder will be sent your information 72 hours after the initial bid.

The lenders are not allowed to contact you by phone unless you give them permission. The only contact will be by email or text message. We know that getting harassing phone calls from strangers will only steer you away from the process and we certainly do not want to put pressure on our consumers. If you book your loan/lease with any of our approved lenders we will have all your current loan information available to you on our site as well for your ability to monitor all of your active loans/leases. To show our appreciation of being on the vine, we will offer you free credit monitoring from for one year.